The Charm of the South Bali Pandawa Beach

Tourism in Bali

SUKOREJO POS - Bali is an famous island with many tourist attractions
Let's try to come to the beach in Bali which is quite exciting
because of its charm.

And the youngest beach in Bali is Pandawa Beach. Located in South Kuta,
Badung regency. 1 hour from Ngurah Rai Airport. Fast access
can go through Udayana University. Select the near path
The Udayana Faculty of Engineering will also pass through the Bukit area.
because public transportation in Bali is difficult, you should use it
motorbike or car to this beach.

Pandawa Beach initially not published properly. The reason is because access to this beach was once
damaged and difficult to reach the vehicle. Moreover, it is hidden behind the hills,
so people find it difficult to find this beach. Naturally, this beach is called
also as Secret Beach. But now access to the Pandawa beach isn't difficult anymore.
Pandawa is one of the best destinations today in Bali. The color of the sea is almost
perfect and smooth beach sand makes visitors feel at home for a long time
this beach.

The thing that makes this beach is also extraordinary is visitors who enter the beach,
will greeted with two very large cliffs that divide the road to the beach.
Many carvings and sculptures were deliberately placed on cliff walls.
If you often watch news about Malibu Island in the US, Pandawa can be said to have
equation. Then for Pandawa Beach entrance ticket, you only have to pay cheap per person
and for foreign tourists to be charged $ 0.5. If you want to relax and just bask in
beach, I suggest you go to the left lane from the beach entrance, because there is
two beach locations in Pandawa. Right side is no less beautiful, there you can
do water sports like canoeing. Canoes or small canoes can be used for
explore the coast.

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The rental price is $ 1. For life jackets
just rent $ 1. Around the beach many residents have offered
water sports packages. So you have to choose one. For beginners,
I recommend using a life jacket because the waves here are very tight.

For culinary, don't worry about it, because on Pandawa Beach food
not expensive as on other beaches.
If in the afternoon, you can see local fisherman collecting seaweed
from waves to the beach
which they then make food and so on.

If you want to buy handicrafts from the surrounding community is also available
in several places around the coast.

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Enjoying the Beauty of Santen Beach

A Special Beach for Women in Banyuwangi

SUKOREJO POST - Banyuwangi is one of destination in Java which has beautiful beaches.
The regency which located on the east Java is also popular with
beauty sunrise.

Uniquely, in Banyuwangi, there is one beach that only women can visit.

Santen Beach is located in Karangharjo Village, Banyuwangi. Santen Beach is in the
waters of the Selat Bali and there is a river with a calm stream of 2 km over.
This river divides Banyuwangi City and Santen Island.

The charm of Santen Beach is more beautiful because it is surrounded by mangrove trees
that are more than 10 years old. There are many activities that a traveler can do on
Santen Beach.

Like camping, playing sand, water, enjoying special dishes of sea fish,
and relax waiting for the Sunrise. There are also a number of facilities that
guarantee a serious trip on Santen Beach. These include musalas, gazebos, food stalls,
parking lots, bathrooms, camping spots, and photo spots.

You can also enjoy the beauty of Santen Beach by sitting on a lazy chair complete
with colorful umbrellas like in Jimbaran, Bali. If you are bored, you can take a walk
in the color village around Santen Beach which has a contemporary photo spot.

Because Santen Beach can only be visited by woman, don't be surprised you
don't find any men here.

This is not without reason, the local government is indeed developing
Santen Beach as a sharia-based tourism object.

So it's no wonder, when you visit Santen Beach you will only find
women who are busy traveling.

To anticipate the entry of men in the Santen Beach area, all female guard
officers are ready to secure Santen Beach.

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